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Airotech Air Scrubbers
Double Skin Air Washer Unit (Floor and Ceiling Mounted)

(Anticorrosive frame work)

The Frame work is fabricated from hollow extruded aluminium profiles joined by 3D peralluman nylon glass fiber corner joints to house all the internals.


(Ensure additional rigigity)

The body is fabricated out of 23/43mm thick panels, the inner from G.I sheet and the outer one with 24G per-painted, pre-plasticized G.I. sheets.



The complete unit is mounted on a heavy gauge galvanized sheet channel of the rquired strenght depending upon the weight of the galvanized corner angles including provision of unit lifting.

(Whisper sound)

Fan section comprises of double width, double inlet centrifugal blower, TEFC motor, belt/ direct driven. The fan and motor assembly is mounted on a common/ adjustable base frame and isolated from the main structure by efficient,


(Optimum heat transfer)

The coils are fabricated from copper tubes with mechanically bonded aluminium fins to provide maximum heat transfer area and can be provided for direct expansion, chilled water and heating Systems.


(Inhibit microbial growth)

The drain pan is fabricated from high quality heavy guage stainless steel insulated with cross-linked closed cell fire-retardant poly-ethylene/ Nitrile foam or injected with CFC free polyurethane foam.


Single/ multi stage filters are offered as per requirement/ application which complay with ASHRAE and EUROVENT standard. Washable prefilters are supplied with unit.

(Perfect air sealing)

The inspection doors are provided with the best quality of hinges and locks available in the country, made out of self extinguising nylon for perfect air sealing.

(Where safety is the key point)

Interlock between fan section and inspection door (without wiring), earthing for fan and motor base assembly, nylon capes for all the protruding screws.


Humidifier section of any type,Mist eliminators, Pan type humidifier, Heat recovery wheel, Face and bypass section, fine and hepa filters, variable frequency drive and mixing chamber.

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